HMM-2009, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD

To/From Gaithersburg:

The Washington DC Metro Area is served by three major airports:

The Metrorail * system connects Gaithersburg to DCA, and the MARC train * connects Gaithersburg to BWI (via Washington Union Station).

Links to more detailed transportation information may be found at the NIST page of Visitor Information.

See the Holiday Inn Gaithersburg * site for information on shuttle services operated by the hotel.

To/From NIST Campus:

A NIST shuttle bus will transport registrants from the Holiday Inn Gaithersburg onto the NIST campus and back each day of the symposium.

To/From Smokey Glen Farm *:

Transportation for the symposium banquet will also be provided. Transportation from the NIST campus to Smokey Glen Farm will include a brief stop at the hotel.

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