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Metallurgy Division Publications - NISTIR 6776

Thermal Spray Process Reliability:
Sensors and Diagnostics


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The video shows one sequence of a wire feed thermal spray (TS) unit forming a die stamping tool. The video begins with the TS unit parked at a plasma shielding rest cupola. The TS unit moves over to the die stamping mold and rasters back and forth. Once several layers of tool steel are sprayed, the TS unit returns to the rest cupola while the temperature of the part is measured with an imaging pyrometer. When the part temperature has cooled to an acceptable temperature the sequence is repeated until the mold is filled. The background soundtrack is important only to demonstrate the characteristic noise of the process.

Text description of video

The thermal spray unit in its rest cupola on the left hand side. The die stamping mold is to the right.
The thermal spray unit rasters back and forth over the die stamping mold.
After spraying several layers, the thermal spray unit returns to its rest cupola on the left hand side. A thermal imaging camera is now measuring the temperature of the die stamping mold part to the right.

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