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Phase Diagrams & Computational Thermodynamics

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Pb-Sn System

Calculated Phase Diagram

Calculated Pb-Sn Phase Diagram (percent of mass fraction) (84 KB)

Status of the thermodynamic description:

H.J. Fecht, M.-X. Zhang, Y.A. Chang and J.H. Perepezko, Metall. Trans. A, 20A (1989) 795-803:
Full thermodynamic assessment.

Additional Assessments:

T.L. Ngai and Y.A. Chang, CALPHAD 5 (1981) 271-276
I. Karakaya and W.T. Thompson, Bull. Alloy Phase Diagrams 9 (1988) 144-152
H. Ohtani, K. Okuda and K. Ishida, J. Phase Equilibria 16 (1995) 416-429

Calculated Invariant Equilibria

Reaction Phase Mass % Pb Mass % Sn
L   ->   (Pb)   +   (Sn)

182.2 oC

Liquid 37.87 62.13
(Pb) 81.09 18.91
(Sn) 3.41 96.59

Phases, Crystal Structures and Model Descriptions

Phase Struktur-
Common Names Prototype Spacegroup Model*
Liquid n/a L n/a n/a (Pb,Sn)1
Fcc A1 (Pb) Cu Fm-3m (Pb,Sn)1(Va)1
Bct A5 (Sn), (beta Sn) beta Sn I41/amd (Pb,Sn)1

*Major species are printed bold face

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