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Phase Diagrams & Computational Thermodynamics

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Ag-Cu-Pb System

Calculated Liquidus Projection

Liquidus Projection with Isotherms of the Ag-Cu-Pb System (105 KB)

Status of the thermodynamic description:

F.H. Hayes, H.L. Lukas, G. Effenberg and G. Petzow, Z. Metallkde. 77 (1986) 749-754:
Full assessment. The binary descriptions used for the present calculation are different from the original assessment.

Sources of the binary descriptions:

Ag-Cu:  F.H. Hayes, H.L. Lukas, G. Effenberg and G. Petzow, Z. Metallkde. 77 (1986) 749-754

Ag-Pb:  B.-Z. Lee, C.-S. Oh and D.N. Lee, J. Alloys & Compds. 215 (1994) 293-301  

Cu-Pb:  A. Bolcavage, C.R. Kao, S.-L. Chen and Y.A. Chang, "Thermodynamic Calculation of Phase Stability Between Copper and Lead-Indium Solder", Applications of Thermodynamics in Synthesis and Processing of Materials, Eds. P. Nash and B. Sundman, TMS, Warrendale, PA, 1995, 171-185

Calculated Invariant Equilibria

Reaction Phase Mass % Ag Mass % Cu Mass % Pb
L   ->   (Ag)   +   (Cu)   +   (Pb)

302.7 oC

Liquid 2.29 0.07 97.64
(Ag) 98.40 0.26 1.34
(Cu) 0.13 99.87 0
(Pb) 0.09 0 99.91

Phases, Crystal Structures and Model Descriptions

Phase Struktur-
Common Names Prototype Spacegroup Model*
Liquid n/a L, L1, L2 n/a n/a (Ag,Cu,Pb)1
Fcc A1 (Ag), (Cu), (Pb) Cu Fm-3m (Ag,Cu,Pb)1(Va)1

*Major species are printed bold face

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